Ane (安慧)

Ane (794 - May 2, 868) was a Buddhist monk of Tendai Sect in the early Heian period. His secular family name was Okoma clan. He hailed from Ogata County, Kawachi Province.

After studying under Kouchi, a monk of Ono-dera Temple in Shimotsuke Province, and becoming a monk, he went to Mt. Hiei and studied Exoteric Buddhism as well as Esoteric Buddhism under Saicho and Ennin. He entered the Buddhist priesthood as Shanagyo-gakusei (a learned monk who majors in Esoteric Buddhism) and according to the regulations, he practiced Rozan-shugyo for 12 years (ascetic practices of confining oneself in a temple for 12 years). In 844, he was appointed as a lecturer in Dewa Province and it is said that he converted many local Hosso Sect believers into Tendai Sect believers. He was selected in 848 as one of Juzenji (ten selected excellent priests) of Enryaku-ji Temple Joshin-in and after being selected as one of Naigubu Juzenji (ten selected excellent priests for a Buddhist service conducted at the Imperial court), he was finally inaugurated as the head priest of the Tendai Sect in 864.

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