Chomyo-ji Temple (頂妙寺)

Chomyo-ji Temple is a Buddhist temple located in Nishiiri (the west) of Shinfuya-machi, Niomon-dori, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City. It is the main temple of the Nichiren sect (the lineage temple). Its sango (literally, "mountain name"), which is the title prefixed to the name of a Buddhist temple, is Monbosan. Niomon-dori takes its name from the Niomon (meaning "gate guarded by the Deva Kings") of Chomyo-ji Temple. Within the temple grounds there are eight sub-temples (namely, Shinnyoin, Horinin, Daijoin, Zenseiin, Myounin, Honritsuin, Zenritsuin, and Shinjoin).


In 1469, Nisshu (the eighth abbot, also known as Jonin TOKI) journeyed to the capital, whereupon Katsumoto HOSOKAWA of Danetsu gave him donations of land to build temples on Shijo-dori and Nishikikoji-dori Avenues and on Marikoji and Tomikoji Streets.

The foundations of the temple were laid in 1473.

In 1509 Chomyo-ji Temple was relocated to Choja-machi on Shinmachi-dori Avenue.

In 1523 it was relocated to Nakamikado on Takakura-dori Avenue.

It began to be counted as one of the twenty-one Hokke sect temples in the central Kyoto.

In 1536 (the fifth year of the Tenbun era) Chomyo-ji Temple was driven out of the capital due to the Tenbun Hokke War.

In 1542 the temple received permission to return to the capital. It was subsequently rebuilt on its old foundations in Nakamikado on Takakura-dori Avenue.

In 1573 the temple was burned down by Nobunaga ODA. It consequently relocated to Takashishin-cho.

In 1580 the monk Nichiko was sent by Chomyo-ji Temple to attend the Azuchi Religious Debate.

Thereafter, on the order of Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI, the temple was once again rebuilt on its old site at Nakamikado on Takakura-dori Avenue.

In 1673, because of its proximity to the Imperial Palace, it was moved again, to its modern-day location.

Having been burnt down during the Great Tenmei Fire in 1788 (the eighth year of the Tenmei era), it was then rebuilt.

The current chief priest of Chomyo-ji Temple is Nichijun NAGATA, the 85th abbot (he took up the position of abbot from Ryogen-ji Temple in Kawasaki). It is an Ento-ji Temple belonging to the Tasshi Hoen dharma school.

Cultural properties

Two paper scrolls of monochrome ink painting on paper of oxen, painted by Sotatsu TAWARAYA and inscribed by Mitsuhiro KARASUMARU.

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