Chonen (ちょう然)

Chonen (February 3, 1793 - March 22, 1868) was a Jodo Shinshu (the True Pure Land Sect of Buddhism) priest in the late Edo period. His father was Daito, a priest of Ensho-ji Temple, in Omi Province. His pseudonym (pen name) was Guen. His shi (posthumous name) was Kosho-in.

In 1808, he became a priest at Nishi Hongwan-ji Temple, the head temple. In 1821, he reconciled the debate between Gitai and Undo of Hongwan-ji Temple Gakurin (school) and brought an end to the confusion in the religious debate after The Sango Wakuran Controversy (The Incident that Disturbed the Three Deeds). From 1848 to 1854, he wrote 'Shinshu Hoyo Tenko' under the order of Konyo, Hongwan-ji Temple. He insisted on Sonnoron (imperialism) at the end of the Edo period and got on with Mikisaburo RAI, Gessho of Myoen-ji Temple in Suo Province and others. In 1917, he was promoted to Kangaku ranking after his death.

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