Chosai (長西)

Chosai (1184 - February 19, 1266) was a priest of the Jodo Sect in the middle of the Kamakura period. His father was FUJIWARA no Kuniaki, Iyo no Kami (Governor of Iyo Province). He was born in Sanuki Province. His priest name was Kakumyo-bo.

He proceeded to the capital Kyoto at age 9, and became a priest at age 19 to study under Honen. He resided in Kuhon-ji Temple in Kyoto (Kyoto City) and gave lectures on his own shogyo hongangi (doctrines of single nenbutsu, multiple nenbutsu, multiple practices), making his pupils become known as the Kuhonji School.

He wrote 'Jodo Ehyo kyoron isho mokuroku' (Also known as Chosai-roku, Chosai's bibliographical record (of Jodo Sect)).

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