Cloistered Imperial Prince Dokaku (道覚法親王)

Cloistered Imperial Prince Dokaku (1204 - February 13, 1250) was a priest of the Tendai sect in the early to mid Kamakura period. His father was Emperor Gotoba. His mother was Owari no tsubone. As he entered the priesthood after being given the title of Imperial Prince, he was also called Priestly Imperial Prince Dokaku.

In 1208, he was given the title of Imperial Prince and called Asahito. In 1216, he became a priest and learnt Tendai doctrine from Jien, Jigen, Shinsho, etc. In 1247, he became the Tendai-zasu (head priest of the Tendai sect) and the next year, 1248, he took the title Shoren-in Monzeki (head priest of Shoren-in Temple).

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