Cloistered Imperial Prince Doko (道光法親王)

Cloistered Imperial Prince Doko (April 8, 1612 – August 5, 1678) was a Cloistered Imperial Prince and learned monk during the early Edo Period. His father was Emperor Goyosei.
His mother was Sanmi no tsubone, Taneko KIYOHARA

He entered Shogoin in 1621, shaved his head to become a monk in 1625 and was given the title of Imperial Prince in 1626 and became the 26th head of Shogoin. In 1630, he was presented Nihon (second class). He later became Chori (chief priest) of Onjo-ji Temple and the Emperor's gojiso (a priest who prays to guard the emperor). In 1658, he transferred to Shokoin Temple in Shirakawa, Kyoto and assumed the position of chief priest of Shokoin Temple and restored a temple building. He was also learned in the tea ceremony and Japanese calligraphy.

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