Cloistered Imperial Prince Jiin (慈胤法親王)

Cloistered Imperial Prince Jiin (Jiinhosshinno in Japanese, April 18, 1617 - January 21, 1700) was a Cloistered Imperial Prince in the early to mid-Edo Period. His father was Emperor Goyozei. His mother was a Lady of Tosa, Chikako NAKAYAMA. His childhood name was Kiyomiya. His secular name was Yukikatsu. His Buddhist name was Joshuin.

He was given the title of Imperial Prince in 1629 and entered the Buddhist priesthood in 1630 the following year. He succeeded Kajii Monzeki Temple (Sanzen-in Temple) after Cloistered Imperial Prince Shokai. Later, he was appointed to be Tendai Zasu (the highest post of Tendai sect) in 1642, 1650, and 1655, three times in total. In addition, he was good at Sado (tea ceremony), calligraphy, and waka poems.

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