Daichi (大智)

Daichi (1290 - January 18, 1367) was a Buddhist priest of the Sotoshu sect from the late Kamakura period to the period of the Northern and Southern Courts. He was from Higo Province.

Daichi began to study under Giin KANGEN in Daiji-ji Temple at the age of seven. After Giin died, Daichi visited Kencho-ji Temple in Kamakura, Hokan-ji Temple in Kyoto, and Daijo-ji Temple in Kaga Province, and so on. In 1314, Daichi went to China (Yuan Dynasty) and studied under Seimo KURIN and Unshu UNGAI amongst others. After returning to Japan in 1324, Daichi practiced Zen meditation under Sotetsu MEIHO on the orders of Jokin KEIZAN. After that Daichi founded Kida-ji Temple in Kaga Province and also Shogo-ji Temple in Higo Province. Also Daichi founded Kofuku-ji Temple as a result of the Higo-Kikuchi clan's embracing religion and he had an enormous spiritual influence on the Kikuchi clan. In 1353, Daichi went to Kazusa, Hizen Province (present day Kazusa Town, Minamishimabara City, Nagasaki Prefecture) accepting the invitation from Sumiyo ARIMA and founded Entsu-ji Temple on Mt. Suigetsu. Died there in 1366.

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