Denpo-kanjo (the consecration for the Transmission of the Dharma) (伝法灌頂)

Denpo-kanjo is a ceremony to confer the title of master called Ajari (a master in esoteric Buddhism; a high priest). Only those who finished ascetic practices of Esoteric Buddhism called Shidokegyo (four trainings) can receive this ceremony. Correctly, it is called Kontai-ryobu denpo-kanjo. Kontai (kon and tai) means Kongokai (Diamond Realm) and Taizokai (Womb Realm) which represent Esoteric Buddhism's way of seeing the world of cosmos.
Through this kanjo (a ceremony to be the successor) the one is initiated into all secrets of Esoteric Buddhism and he is allowed to have his disciples (have the title of teacher.)
Also, in Esoteric Buddhism, a master can teach his disciples not only by Buddhist scriptures but also by kuden (oral instruction) or butsui (the Buddha's intention). Furthermore, he or she is also said to be able to officially found a new sect or school. It is also called Ajari-kanjo or Jushoku-kanjo.

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