Donkai (呑海)

Donkai (1265 - March 20, 1327) was a priest of the Ji sect in the late Kamakura period. Yugyo Shonin the Fourth. He was named 有阿弥陀仏 and later Ta Amida Buddha. Donkai is a different pseudonym. He was a member of the Matano clan in Sagami Province.


Donkai studied under Shinkyo, Yugyo Shonin the Second. In 1301, he established Konko-ji Temple, Shichijo-dojo seminary in Kyoto and succeeded Yugyo Shonin in 1319. With the support of his elder brother Kagehira MATANO, Donkai built Shojoko-ji Temple in Fujisawa, Sagami Province and lived there. Later the school of Donkai was called Yugyo school.

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