Dosen (道詮)

Dosen (ca. 797 - ca. April 2, 873) was a Sanron sect Buddhist monk during the early Heian period. He came form Musashi Province. According to another view, he died in 876.

He took the tonsure under Jujin of Horyuji Temple, and studied the Sanron doctrine under Genyo of Todaiji Temple.
It is said that he also studied a form of Esoteric Buddhism 'Shingon Mikkyo.'
In 854, he served as an instructor in a religious service Saishoe held at the Council Hall in the Imperial Palace, in 857, served as the head priest at the Buddhist ceremony in the imperial presence 'Gozen Rongi', and in 864, he was appointed as Gonrisshi, an administrative position, and later promoted to a higher position Risshi. He respected Taishi SHOTOKU (574 - 622) so much that he restored the main hall Yumedono of Horyuji Temple and worked for promoting education in Horyuji Temple. In his later years, he built Fukidera Temple (Kawanishicho, Nara Prefecture) and lived there in seclusion.

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