Dosho (Tendai sect) (道昭 (天台宗))

Dosho (1281 - January 24, 1356) was a priest of the Tendai sect and a poet.

Brief Personal History

He was born in 1281 as a child of Ietsune ICHIJO, a former Sessho (Regent) and Sadaijin (Minister of the Left). Among his brothers are Uchizane ICHIJO, Nakasane ICHIJO, Gon no sojo (a highest-ranking priest, next to a sojo) Jishin and Daisojo (a Buddhist priest of the highest order) Kyogon and Daisojo Ryokei, etc. He became a disciple of the Tendai sect Joju-in Temple's monzeki (in this case, a successor of a temple who is a member of the Imperial Family) Gyosho, and succeed his uncle, Jisho, as the monzeki of Joju-in Temple. He was consecutively Chori (chief priest) of Onjo-ji Temple, Jugo (honorary rank next to the three empresses: Great Empress Dowager, Empress Dowager and Empress) and Betto (administrator) of Shitenno-ji Temple, etc. In the meantime, as he was described as having appeared as Ongenjya (mountaineering ascetic) when Imperial Prince Tsuneaki was born, in "Kinhira Koki Diary" (the diary of Kinhira SAIONJI), he also acted as gojiso (a priest who prays for the security of the emperor). Further, he worked Kumano Sanzan Kengyo (a supervisor of the three shrines in Kumano region) and Ima Kumano Kengyo (a supervisor of Ima Kumano-jinja Shrine) from 1308 to 1321, and again from 1323 to 1355. He finally became a Daisojo, and died on January 24, 1356.

Also as a poet, he left many waka poems.

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