Doto (道登)

Doto (dates of birth and death unknown) was a priest during the Asuka period. He was allegedly from Yamashiro Province.

He studied in Goguryeo (kingdom of Korea), and after coming back to Japan, he lived in Gango-ji Temple (Asuka-dera Temple). One theory holds that Doto went to Tang Dynasty China and studied the Sanron sect under Kajo Daishi Kichizo. In 645, Doto was nominated as one of the ten preceptors, along with Somin and others. It is believed that in 646 Doto together with Dosho contributed to building Uji-bashi Bridge. In 650 when Kokushi (provincial governor) of Anato Province (later Nagato Province) presented Hakuchi (white pheasants) to the emperor, Doto in response to the inquiry of the emperor reported that the it was shozui (a good omen). Based upon this report, Hakuchi was adopted as a new name for the era.

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