Gangyo (願暁)

Gangyo (date of birth unknown, passed away on April 21, 874) was a learned priest pursuing his studies in the former Heian period.

He studied Sanron Sect under Yakuho of Gango-ji Temple and Gonso of Daian-ji Temple and learned a lot about Hosso sect/esoteric Buddhism. He became a lecturer at Yuimae in 845 and served as shikishu (assistant priest) at the celebration of the construction of Joshinin of Enryaku-ji Temple in 846. He donated one hoju at Todaiji Daibutsu Onkashira Kuyo (Inauguration ceremony of fixing the head of Great Buddha of Todai-ji Temple) in 861 and was given the newly-established title, Hokkyo-shonin-i (a title of honor that was given to Buddhist sculptors, painters, poets, etc) in 864. His disciples included Shobo and Ryukai.

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