Genjo (also known as Gensei) (源盛)

Genjo, or Gensei (1303 - January 12, 1359) was a military commander and a Buddhist monk in Tendai sect during the period of the Northern and Southern Courts. He was a younger brother of Nagatoshi NAWA.

He first lived in Daisenji Temple in Hoki Province under the name of Shinanobo. When his older brother Nagatoshi escaped from Iki Province and raised an army while sheltering Emperor Daigo in Mt. Senjo in Hoki Province in February and March 1333, Genjo joined the army by leading monk soldiers in Daisenji Temple and others. Genjo distinguished himself in attacking the Rokuhara tandai, the headquarters of the Kamakura bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun) in Kyoto under the command of Chujun CHIKUSA. Later, when Akioki NAWA, who was a real son of Motonaga NAWA, the second son of Nagatoshi, and adopted by Yoshitaka NAWA, the heir of Nagatoshi, went down to Yashiro no sho in Higo Province where Akioki served as an estate steward, Genjo supported Akioki and worked under the command of Prince Kanenaga (also known as Kaneyoshi), the Southern Court military commander for western Japan. In 1358, he died in Yashiro, Higo Province.

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