Genkai (元海)

Genkai (1093 - 1156) was a Shingon sect priest in the late Heian period. His father was MINAMOTO no Masatoshi, Dainagon (Major Councillor). Genkai was also called Matsuhashi-daisozu.

He learned Esoteric Buddhism under his uncle Jokai and was given Kanjo (a ceremony to be the successor) by Shokaku and Jokai. In 1132, he was appointed the head of Daigo-ji Temple, and in 1143 was appointed Gon shosozu (Junior lesser prelate). After that, he performed many incantations for practice and conducted operations at Enko-ji Temple, Muryoko-in Temple, and Miyake-dera Temple and was appointed the second manager of the To-ji Temple and Gon daisozu (Junior prelate) in 1153. As the head priest of Sanbo-in of Daigo-ji Temple, he also controlled exhibition of the treasures of Sanbo-in; he also established Muryoju-in Temple in Kyoto and presented replicas of the treasures for that purpose.

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