Sanyo Genkitsu (三要元佶)

Genkitsu SANYO (1548 - June 19, 1612) was a Zen priest who was active during the period from the Azuchi-Momoyama period to the early Edo period.

He was originally from Hizen Province (Saga Prefecture). His Go (pen name) was Kanshitsu. He was called Kicchoro or Kanshitsu Osho.

He went up to the capital in his childhood and became a priest at Iwakura Entsu-ji Temple (Kyoto City).

After assuming the position of the head of Ashikaga School, he attended Ieyasu TOKUGAWA during the Battle of Sekigahara and at its front, he distinguished himself by conducting divination (using bamboo divination sticks).

He assumed the position of Jisha-bugyo (a commissioner of temples and shrines) along with Konchiin Suden and thereafter, he succeeded Jotai SAISHO as a responsible officer of Shuinjo (shogunate license to trade) related jobs and was involved in shuinsen (shogunate-licensed trading ship) related jobs.

Later, he was invited by Ieyasu to a school in Fushimi-ku Ward, founded Enko-ji Temple and strived for the publication of the Fushimi edition.

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