Gensho (玄証)

Gensho (1146 - 1204?) was a priest of the Shingon sect of the end of the Heian period to the early Kamakura period. His posthumous name was Genkan-bo. Although the year of his death was said to be 1204, it seems that he lived up to around 1206.

He learnt Shingon Esoteric Buddhism from fuhodeshi (literally, mastered disciples), Daijobosshoin of Kakuban and Hanka of Daigo-ji Temple. He resided at Getsujo-in Temple on Mt. Koya. In 1193, he prayed for the safe delivery of Gishumon-in, and was appointed Dento Daihosshii. He copied and collected many works of iconography and sutra regarding esoteric Buddhism, and a number of materials are left at Kozan-ji Temple in Kyoto.

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