Gyogen (行玄)

Gyogen (1097 - December 1, 1155) was a Buddhist monk of Tendai Sect in the late Heian period. His father was FUJIWARA no Morozane. His mother was a daughter of Minamoto no Morofusa or a daughter of FUJIWARA no Tadatoshi, a grandchild of FUJIWARA no Takaie, and Jinpan was his half younger brother with the same mother.

He became a monk at Mt. Hiei and received kanjo (ceremony to be the successor) from Ryosuke in 1116 when he was 20 years old. In 1135, he conducted incantation for curing chugu's (the second empress's) disease and was appointed to Homu (director of temple affairs) as a reward. He was conferred the title of Sojo (the second highest title of monks) in 1138 and gave Buddhist precepts to the Emperor Toba and FUJIWARA no Tadazane in 1142. He was conferred the title of Daisojo (the highest title of Buddhist monks) in 1145. In 1150, after he successfully made the weather fine by his prayers on the day of Keisho-ji Temple's Buddhist service, he converted his living house into a temple where the empresses prayed and named it Shoren-in Temple. He resigned from his posts at Enryaku-ji Temple, Hossho-ji Temple and Keisho-ji Temple etc. in 1153 and died two years later at Shoren-in Temple.

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