Hanshun (範俊)

Hanshun (1038 - May 21, 1112) was a priest of the Shingon sect of the late Heian period. His father was a Dai-igishi (Upper master of deportment) of Kofuku-ji Temple, Ninsei.

He initially learnt from Denpoin Matsumei of Kofuku-ji Temple, and then he learnt secret art of both Kongokai (Diamond Realm) and Taizokai (Womb Realm) from Seison (or Joson) sozu (priest) at Ono Mandara-ji Temple (later day's Zuishin-in Temple). In 1082, he performed a miracle of rainfall by a service to pray for rain; however, he was interrupted by Gihan and renounced the world on Mt. Nachi. Later, Emperor Shirakawa called up Hanshun and had him live at Ono Mandara-ji Temple, and after the emperor abdicated the throne to Emperor Horikawa, Shirakawa made Hanshun a Gojiso (a priest who prays to guard the emperor). In 1100, he became Jimu (temple manager) of Kofuku-ji Temple, and in 1106, To-ji choja (the chief abbot of To-ji Temple) and in 1110, Gon no sojo (a highest ranking priest, next to a sojo).

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