Hokke Sect of Honmon School (法華宗本門流)

The Hokke Sect of Honmon School is a denomination of Nichiren Buddhism for which the sect founder is considered to be Nichiren and the school founder is believed to be Nichiryu.

Sect Founder

School Founder
Nichiryu (Hokke Sect of Honmon School)

Daihonzan (Head Temples)
Kocho-ji Temple (Shizuoka Prefecture)
Jusen-ji Temple (Chiba Prefecture)
Honno-ji Temple (Kyoto Prefecture)
Honko-ji Temple (Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture)

Nichiryu (Hokke Sect of Honmon School founder) studied under Nissai of Myoken-ji Temple (Kyoto Prefecture) but had a dispute regarding Hokke-kyo (the Lotus Sutra), which caused him to advocate 'Happon Shoi ron' (theory that eight chapters of Hokke-kyo (Lotus Sutra) are the true teachings of Nichiren), leave Myoken-ji Temple and establish Honno-ji Temple (Kyoto Prefecture) where he founded the Nichiryumon School.

1415: Nichiryu established Honno-ji Temple (Kyoto Prefecture)

1872: The Nichiryumon School united with all other schools in the Nichiren denomination as a result of a system in which each sect was allowed only one chief abbot.

1874: Nichiryumon School become part of the Shoretsu School of the Nichiren Sect.

1876: The Nichiryumon School called themselves the Happon School and separated from the Shoretsu School of the Nichiren Sect.

1898: The Happon School was renamed to the Honmon Hokke Sect.

1941: The Honmon Hokke Sect and Honmyo Hokke Sect combined to form the Hokke Sect.

1951: Kocho-ji Temple (Shizuoka Prefecture), Jusen-ji Temple (Chiba Prefecture), Honno-ji Temple (Kyoto Prefecture) and Honko-ji Temple (Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture) became independent from the Hokke Sect and formed the Honmon School of Hokke Sect.

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