Hokke-do Hall (法華堂)

Hokke-do Hall, abbreviation of Hokke Sanmaido Hall, is a Buddhist temple in which Tendai-shu sect's Hokekyo sanmai no gyo (religious austerities to concentrate on the Lotus Sutra in Buddhism) is performed. A Buddhist temple in which Hokke-e (Lotus Sutra ceremony) is held is also called Hokke-do Hall (example: Hokke-do Hall of Todai-ji Temple, commonly known as 'Sangatsu-do').

Hokkezanmai is a Hangyo hanza sanmai (religious austerities with concentration, which combines a standing-style one and a sitting-style one), one of Shishuzanmai (the Four kinds of samadhi) in Tendai-shu sect, that is based on Hoke-kyo Sutra and performed for 37 days.

Later, Hokke-do changed to mean a hall that is built in graveyards of the Imperial family and nobility.

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