Honganji Shonin Denne (Buddhist picture scrolls painted about the life of Shinran) (本願寺聖人伝絵)

Honganji Shonin Denne is a Buddhist scroll which illustrates the life of Shinran, the founder of the Jodo Shinshu (the True Pure Land Sect of Buddhism) with narration. It was made by the third head priest of the Hongan-ji Temple, Kakunyo who was a great-grandchild of Shinran. In particular, the poetry part is called Godensho and the illustration is called Goeden. It is read at the Hoon-ko, a memorial services for Shinran.

The first manuscript was written in 1295. It is an illustrated scroll which is made up of thirteen-tier frames, and the narratives were compiled by Kakunyo. The illustration part is called Goeden and was drawn by Hogan JOGA. However, it was destroyed in the war in 1336, together with the Hongan-ji Temple.

The scroll of the second edition was written by Kakunyo in 1343 and the frames were increased by two tiers to fifteen tiers. Furthermore, it was separated into the narration and the illustration to form a set of Godensho (vol. 1 with eight paragraphs and vol. 2 with seven paragraphs) and Goeden (a set of four vertical scrolls). The Goeden was drawn by Hogan JOGA's son, Enjuku and his disciple, Soshun.

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