Honmon Hokke Sect (本門法華宗)

Honmon Hokke Sect is a school of Nichiren Sect of which the sect founder was Nichiren and the school founder was Nichiryu (Honmon School of Hokke Sect).

Sect Founder

School Founder
Nichiryu (Honmon school of the Hokke Sect)

Daihonzan (Head temple)
Myoren-ji Temple (Kyoto City) (Kyoto Prefecture)

In 1295, Nichizo constructed Myohorenge-ji Temple (Kyoto Prefecture).

In 1394, Nikkei reconstructed Myohorenge-ji Temple (Kyoto Prefecture) and renamed it Myoren-ji Temple (Kyoto City) (Kyoto Prefecture).

In 1872, Nichiryumon School merged with other schools of Nichiren Sect under a system in which each sect was allowed only one chief abbot.

In 1874, Nichiryumon School became affiliated with the Shoretsu School of Nichiren Sect.

In 1876, Nichiryumon School officially called itself Happon School and appointing its own superintendent priest and the Shoretsu School of Nichiren Sect was dissolved.

In 1898, Happon School was renamed Honmon Hokke Sect.

In 1941, Honmon Hokke Sect, Honmyo Hokke Sect and Hokke Sect merged together pursuant to the Religious Corporations Act and officially named itself Hokke Sect.

In 1951, Myoren-ji Temple (Kyoto City) (Kyoto Prefecture) became independent from Hokke Sect and officially called itself Honmon Hokke Sect.

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