Horin-ji Temple (Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto City) (法輪寺 (京都市上京区))

Horin-ji Temple, located in Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto City, is a temple of the Myoshin-ji Temple school of the Rinzai sect. It is also known by the name, 'Daruma-dera Temple' (Daruma means the Indian priest Bodhidharma or a round, red-painted good-luck doll in the shape of Bodhidharma).

History and summary
It was founded in 1727.

Buildings, such as Okiagari Daruma-do (Okiagari Daruma means a self-righting daruma doll), stand along with the original Hondo (main hall). Many daruma dolls are displayed on the first floor of Daihorin-to (tower), which is constructed of concrete; mortuary tablets for victims of the Pacific War (particularly the South Pacific) are enshrined in Eireiden on the second floor of the Shuseido, and Kinema Hall is dedicated to people in the film industry.

Address and access
Shimo no shimotachiuri dori Kamiyagawa Higashiiru, Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto City (or 2-chome, Onmae dori Nishiiru)
(JR) Sanin Main Line: Enmachi Station
Kyoto City Bus and others: Nishinokyo Enmachi busstop
Usually open

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