Horin (法霖)

Horin (1693 - November 24, 1741) was a gakuso (scholar monk) of Jodo Shinshu (the True Pure Land Sect of Buddhism) during the middle of the Edo period. His father was Chuzo SATAKE. His imina (real name) was Erin. His go (a pen name) was Nikkei, Shokashi. His shi (a posthumous name, can also be pronounced okurina) was Enchoin. He was born in Kii Province. He was the fourth noke (master) (= Gakuto, study leader) of Nishi Hongan-ji Temple.

In 1719 he entered the priesthood at the age of 17 and lectured on {Senchaku hongan nenbutsu shu} (the holy writings of the Jodo Sect) at the age of 19. In 1718, when he was 26 years old, he entered Honzan (head temple) Nishi Hongan-ji Temple Gakurin (school) and studied under Jakurin, and he was appointed to fukuko (vice-head lecturer) and then succeeded to Shoso-ji Temple in Omi Province. In 1731, as for his argument with Hotan of the Kegon Sect, he wrote 'Jodo sessho hen' (the negotiations of Jodo (Pure Land) version) to refute Hotan and enhanced the style of a school.
After his master died in the following year 1732, he became the fourth noke of Gakurin in 1736 and streamlined Gakurin and made efforts for prosperity of Shugaku (studies in doctrines in a religious sect.)

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