Hoto (a treasure tower) (宝塔)

"Hoto" is a Buddhist pagoda composed of a cylindrical or octagonal toshin (the body of a pagoda,) with a square-shaped roof on it, and sorin (a metal pinnacle placed on the top of a pagoda). In Hokke-shu (the Hokke school of Buddhism), Shaka Nyorai (Buddha Shakamuni) and Taho Nyorai (Buddha of Many Treasures) are worshipped as the principal images who flank each other, in accordance with the story of Ken Hotohon Dai-juichi of "Myo Horengekyo" (the 'Lotus Sutra' Chapter Eleven: the Emergence of the Treasure Tower).

Other meanings:

The term "Hoto" is also used as an eulogistic name for other Buddhist pagodas, including Tahoto pagoda (a multi-treasure pagoda).

Tahoto pagoda is a decorative Buddhist pagoda adorned with gold, silver, jewels, and so on.

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