Ichinyo (priest) (一如 (僧))

Ichinyo (1649 - May 30, 1700) was a priest of the Jodo Shinshu (the True Pure Land Sect of Buddhism) and the 16th hoshu (head priest) of the Higashi Hongan-ji Temple. His Ingo (a title given to a Buddhist) was Mugekoin. His imina (personal name) was Kokai (光海). His Gago (pseudonym) was Guzan (愚山). His childhood name was Toyomaro (利与麿).

He was born as a son of Takunyo, the 14th hoshu of the Higashi Hongan-ji Temple. At first, he used the Ingo of Onkoin (恩光院), the homyo (a name given to a person who enters the Buddhist priesthood) of Takusho (琢性) and the imina of Katsumi (克海), and was put in charge of the chief priest of the Fukui Betsuin (quasi Grand Head Temple) Honzui-ji Temple. Later, he was transferred to the chief priest of the Yao Betsuin Daishin-ji Temple (Yao City) and changed his homyo to Takutei (琢亭) and his imina to Eigan (瑛含). In 1678, he became a hoshi (successor of hoshu) of his eldest brother Jyonyo, changed his homyo to Ichinyo and his imina to Kokai again, and was assigned to the 16th hoshu in the following year.

In May 30, 1700 he died at the age of 52.

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