Ichiryu denju (一流伝授)

Ichiryu denju means jiso denju (initiation of practical training) in the Shingon sect of Buddhism. It is to receive the training on the entire practice in one school of the Yataku Juni-ryu (12 schools of yataku (Ono School and Hirosawa School)) from the master.

It cannot officially be said that a person mastered the practice unless a person learns the whole practice of the school such as Chuin school taught in Mt. Koya, Sanboin Kenjingata lineage of Ono school (Ono school has several styles including Kajuji school, Zuishinin school, Daigo Sanboin school), Hirosawa school (Nishinoin school) and Chisan school in Kyoto, and Denpoin school of Buzan school.

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