Furuichi Ine (古市胤栄)

Ine FURUICHI (year of birth unknown - 1505) is a priest and a Japanese military commander during the Sengoku period. He was a monk-soldier of Nara Kofuku-ji Temple. His father was Chosen FURUICHI.

He was a man of refined taste and was known for setting up meetings called rinkanchayu in which people can enjoy tea in a bath. He and his younger brother, Choin FURUICHI, were disciples of Juko MURATA, the master of the tea ceremony. Because he was injured in a war, he devolved the reigns of the family to his brother Choin.

Since descendants of Furuichi were appointed to Chadogashira (persons in charge of tea ceremonies) in the head family of Ogasawara (in Kokura Domain) during the Edo period, he was considered to be the founder of the old school of tea ceremonies of the Ogasawara family.

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