Inshun (胤舜)

Inshun (1589 to February 5, 1648) was a monk and a martial artist who lived in the early Edo period. He was a descendant of a goshi (country samurai) in Yamashiro Province. He was an Inju (the chief of a temple) of Hozoin Temple, which was a branch temple of Kofuku-ji Temple in Nara Prefecture.

He was accomplished at the Hozoin-Ryu Sojutsu School of spearmanship, which was founded by Ine HOZOIN and features the use of a Jumonji Kamayari (a cross-shaped spear with a sickle on both sides of the blade), and formed foundations for the prosperity of Hozoin-Ryu in the Edo period. He established Urajuippon shikimoku (some techniques of the Hozoin's spearmanship). He is known to have had a bout with Musashi MIYAMOTO.

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