Isshikoshosoku (一紙小消息)

Isshikoshosoku is a part of a Buddhist sermon taught by Honen.

It is a shosoku (letter) from Honen to Kuroda no shonin, which is included in "Kurodani Shonin Gotoroku" and "Saiho shinan sho."

It is not known who Kuroda no shonin was, but there are theories that he was Chogen or his disciple Gyoken.

Full text of Isshikoshosoku

Let's see if I am entitled to salvation by Amida Buddha, and do not doubt even if you have sinned because one is saved even by a single invocation or merely ten invocations of Buddha's name.

Even sinners should not doubt because Amida Buddha does not abandon them.

Why should I not receive salvation by Amida Buddha after death just because I cannot see a saint?

Do not doubt even if you have sinned, as the saint said "be proud to say you are a being with earthly desires."

Although there are many pure lands, I wish for the western pure land because it saves me who is full of sins.

I worship Amida Buddha above many other saviors because he appears even in front of me.

I chant the invocation of Buddha's name because it is a true purpose of Buddha.
As I wish to receive the salvation based on Buddha's purpose, why should my wish not come true?
Buddha's purpose can be achieved by profound faith.

Happening to be a person, finding the purpose hard to be found, facing Buddha's precious teaching, leaving the reincarnation hard to leave, and residing in the pure land hard to reach, are the supreme bliss.

Since Amida Buddha saves a sinner like me, I swear I will never commit any small sin.

Even a sinner is saved, and why not a good creature?
Keep chanting in the faith that even a single invocation saves you.

Even a single invocation can save you, and why not many invocations?
Amida Buddha has achieved his purpose and resides in the pure land.

When my body perishes, he may appear to me. Shakamuni should be happy to know of my receiving salvation from Amida Buddha, and should be encouraging me to learn more about salvation. The saints should be happy to see my belief and should be happy that I shall be reborn in the pure land. Thank Heaven and Earth for leading me to be saved by Amida Buddha.

I must call the name of Amida Buddha in every single action of mine. You can never depend too much on the words of ten invocations.

You can never believe too much in a writing by Zendo Daishi.

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