Jien (慈円)

Jien (1748-August 2, 1805) was a priest of the Tendai sect and poet from the mid to late Edo Period. His father was the Confucian doctor Kyohurei TSUKADA and he was a younger brother of the Confucian scholar Taiho TSUKADA. His Azana (popular name) was Taigu and his Go (pen name) was Tokuzuan. He was originally from Shinano Province.

After becoming a priest at the temple in Mt. Hiei, he learned about the Tendai sect and lived in the Enkyo-in Temple. He learned Kagaku (Uta Poem Study) from Tamemura REIZEI and was counted as one of the four best Waka poets of the Heian period with Roan OZAWA, Chogetsu and Kokei BAN.

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