Jikun Toren (竺雲等連)

Jikun Toren (1383 - February 5, 1471) was a Rinzai Sect priest in the middle of the Muromachi period. His secular surname was Ii. His imina (personal name) was Toren. He was commonly called Jikun. He called himself Jikyo, Shodaishi (小朶子), and Chogonso (重艮叟). He came from Totomi Province.

He studied under Taigaku Shusu of Tenryu-ji Temple in Kyoto and continued the espousal of his doctrine. He went to Ming dynasty China from 1394 to 1427. After he came back to Japan, he served at Shokoku-ji Temple in Kyoto, and assumed the position of chief priest of Nanzen-ji Temple in 1444, being assumed the position of Sorokushi (a managing priest in a Zen temple) in Rokuonin in Sokoku-ji Temple. Later, he sequestered himself in Shochiin in Tenryu-ji Temple in Saga. He was good at translating Chinese into Japanese through adding kunten (puctuation marks), especially good at studying the art of divination, and established the basis for the study of history books at gosan (Zen temples highly ranked by the government).

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