Jinzen (尋禅)

Jinzen (943 - March 16, 990) was a Buddhist monk of Tendai Sect in the mid-Heian period. His father was FUJIWARA no Morosuke and his mother was Imperial Princess Gashi, a princess of the Emperor Daigo. His shigo (posthumous name) was Jinin.

In 974, he became Isshin-ajari (a special class of teaching priest) for the first time among the monks of Tendai Sect and in 981, he was conferred the title of Gon no Sojo (a title of high-ranking priest). Although Ryogen of Mt. Hiei was known as Chuko no So (father of restoration) of Mt. Hiei since he restored it with the support of FUJIWARA no Morosuke, this also secularized Mt. Hiei. As a result, Jinzen, the 10th son of Morosuke, succeeded the position of head priest of Tendai Sect from Ryogen in 985. In 989, he resigned and confined himself at Iimuro. After his death, he was given in 1007 the posthumous name of Jinin.

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