Jishu (慈周)

Jisyu (1734 - April 28, 1801), a Buddhist priest of the Tendai sect and a composer of Chinese poems, lived in the mid-Edo period. His father was Kaido NAEMURA, a doctor. His nickname was Rikunyo. His pen names were Byakuro and Muchakuan. He was born in Omi Province.

Jishu became a priest in 1744. He had been an avid student since childhood, and he learned prose and poetry under Toko NOMURA of Hikone; later he moved to Edo and studied under Ryumon MIYASE. He lived at Myojo-in Temple in Edo, and he communicated with Kinga INOUE. Later, while he was living in places such as Kyoto, Edo and Kashiwabara in Omi Province, he communicated with various people. Because he tried to innovate in the mood of poet, he is referred to as the "Master of Parnassus" of the early-modern times.

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