Jodo Monrui Jusho (浄土文類聚鈔)

The term "Jodo Monrui Jusho" refers to a theoretical treatise in which Shinran wrote about the fundamental thoughts of Jodo Shinshu (the True Pure Land Sect of Buddhism).

The date when the book was completed is yet to be identified. It is said to have been written about the time when Shinran wrote his main literary work "Kyogyoshinsho" (Teaching, Practice, Faith, and Enlightenment). However, there is a controversy over this period.

He cites the Jodo Sanbu-kyo (the Three Main Sutras of the Pure Land Sect) and theorical treatises by Ryuju (Nāgârjuna), Tenjin (Seshin) (Vasubandhu), Donran (Tanluan) and Zendo (Shandao) with the "Jodo Monrui Jusho." Shinran explains the teachings of the Jodo (Pure Land) Sect, the method to be reborn in the Pure Land, and his central idea of the Aspect of Going and the Aspect of Returning.

However, in "Kyogyoshinsho," Shinran provides a detailed explanations with citations not only from Buddhist scriptures, but also from a vast array of books. Therefore, "Kyogyoshinsho" is also known as 'Komonrui' (Extensive Collection of Passages). "Jodo Monrui Jusho", on the other hand, is called 'Ryakumonrui' (Collection of Abridged Passages).

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