Jonyo (常如)

Jonyo (乗如, also written as 乘如) was a Buddhist priest of Jodo Shinshu (the True Pure Land Sect of Buddhism) in the mid Edo period.

He was the 17th hoshu (head priest) of Higashi Hongan-ji Temple.


The ages are described with the traditional Japanese system in this page. The dates are described with Jokyo calendar from 1685 to December 30, 1754 (February 10, 1755 in new calendar) in order to ensure chronological accuracy and consistency with the works. They are described with Horeki calendar from 1755.
Although the formal name of the head temple is 'Hongan-ji Temple,' it is described as 'Higashi Hongan-ji Temple' to conveniently distinguish from 'Nishi Hongan-ji Temple.'

In 1744, he was born the eighth child (the fifth son) of Shinnyo (Higashi Hongan-ji Temple).

(Dates unknown) he became Hoshi (successor) to the 18th hoshu Junyo.

In July, 1760, he succeeded as the 19th hoshu due to the death of Junyo.

In 1788, the Hondo (main hall) was burned down by so-called 'Great Kyoto Fire of the Tenmei era.'

In November in the same year, the Hondo of Daishin-ji Temple (Yao City) was relocated as the temporary Goei-do Hall (hall dedicated to the sect's founder).

In March, 1789, the Hondo began to be reconstructed ('Chonahajime' (a ceremony of carpenter with adze) was done).

The Hondo was completed in 1798 after he had died.

On February 22, 1792 (March 14, 1792 in new calendar), he died at the age of 40.

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