Joon (浄音)

Joon (1201 - July 7, 1271) was a priest of the Jodo Sect from the early to the middle of the Kamakura period. His azana (adult males nickname) was Hoko. He was the founder of the Nishitani School of the Jodo Sect.

He studied the doctrine of the Jodo Sect under Shoku, the founder of the Nishiyama School of the Jodo Sect. He founded Shinkomyo-ji Temple in Nishitani in Ninna-ji Temple (present-day Narutaki Area, Ukyo-ku Ward, Kyoto City), and later assumed the position of chief priest known as juji of Eikando Zenrin-ji Temple in Kyoto (Kyoto City). His grave is in Sennen-ji Temple of the Nishiyamazenrinji School of the Jodo Sect (Narutakihon-machi, Ukyo-ku Ward, Kyoto City).

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