Josu (貞崇)

Josu (also known as Teisu) (866 - August 19, 944) was a Shingon Sect Buddhist monk who lived during the mid-Heian period. He was born into the Miyoshi clan. He came from Kyoto. He is also known as Shingonin Sozu and Torinosudera Sozu.

Josu entered the Buddhist priesthood under Eshuku of Jogan-ji Temple at a very young age and went on to be consecrated by Shobo of Daigo-ji Temple in the year 902. He briefly secluded himself at Mt. Kinbu but in the year 927 became the gojiso (personal monk) of Emperor Daigo before founding Hokke Sanmai-do halls in 938 as well as playing a major role in the establishing the Shingon Esoteric Buddhism denomination at Daigo-ji Temple. In addition, he was successively appointed choja (chief abbot) of To-ji Temple, zasu (head priest) of Daigo-ji Temple and zasu (head priest) of Kongobu-ji Temple.

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