Juo Sohitsu (授翁宗弼)

Juo Sohitsu (1296 - 1380) was a Rinzai Sect Buddhist monk who lived from the latter part of the Kamakura period to the Northern and Southern Courts period (Japan). His father was FUJIWARA no Nobufusa. His real name was Sohitsu and his posthumous name was Juo. His posthumous Buddhist names were Enkan Kokushi and Bimyo Daishi.

While in the service of Emperor Godaigo, he practiced Zen under Shuho Myocho of Daitoku-ji Temple and was granted the Buddhist name Sohitsu. He warned Emperor Godaigo during the Kenmu Restoration but these were not heeded and he covertly supported Funi Daitoku at Iwakura in Rakuhoku (north of the capital of Kyoto) and entered the Buddhist priesthood. After 20 years of seclusion, he practiced Zen under Kanzan Egen of Myoshin-ji Temple in Kyoto and succeeded his teachings to become the 2nd head priest of Myoshin-ji Temple.

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