Kaido (快道)

Kaido (1751 to 1810) was a gakuso (scholar monk) of the Shingon sect Buzan school of the {Shingi Shingon sect}, who made a great contribution to bibliography.


He was born in Oaza zen, Kasukawa village, Seta district, Kozuke Province (present-day Kasukawa-cho, Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture), and his secular surname was Sudo. Since his childhood, he studied under Kaion of Souo-ji Temple in Yamagami, Niizato village in the same district, and entered the Buddhist priesthood.

At the age of 15, he studied under Kakanin Tankei and wrote "Nishidani Meimoku Gendan." He studied volume 4 of "Shakumakaenron" at the age of 17, "Kusharon" (sutra of the Kusha sect) at the age of 19, and "Daijokishinron" (the Awakening of Faith in Mahayana) at the age of 20. In 1772, he entered Buzan Hase-dera Temple, and studied "Shakumakaenron" under Yukyo at the age of 22. At the age of 23, he studied "Dainichikyosho" under Chidatsu. At the age of 27, he delivered lectures on "Shoshujukogiron" (Dasapadarthi).

In 1791, he entered Mt. Koya and gave lectures on "Joyuishikironjutsuki" at Konsho-in Temple. In September of the same year, he was engaged in Hosso at Aizen-in Temple, and in September of the next year he was engaged in Shojo (Hinayana). From 1793 to 1798, he delivered lectures on Kusha, Yuishiki (consciousness-only, the basic doctrine of the Japanese Hosso school), and Inmyo (Buddhist logic) in Kyoto.

In 1802, he lived in Gyokuzo-in Temple in Urawa ward and often lectured in Edo. After he moved to Konsho-in Temple in Yushima in 1809 and delivered lectures there, he died the next year, and was buried in Kanzo-in Temple in Asakusa.


In addition to delivering many lectures and propagating many works, Kaido also collated many Buddhist scriptures and treatises. Particularly, Kaido is believed to have played a vital role in collating sutras in a kyozo (sutra repository) in Mt. Koya, some of which had been missing due to fire, with Song and Koryo versions and complementing them.

Literary works
Dainichi-kyo (Mahavairocana Sutra) Jushin Bonsho Gendan, 1 volume
Shakumakaenron Kaigesho Guki, 1 volume
Rongi Shiki, 13 volumes
Tendaishikyogishu Chuhobosho (Commentaries on Four Teachings of Tendai Sect), 4 volumes
Yuishiki Nijuronjutsuki Kenkosho, 5 volumes
Hoen girin-sho (a Buddhist book teaching the doctrine of Yuishiki sect) Yojutsu, 4 volumes
Kusharon (sutra of the Kusha sect) Hogi, 30 volumes
Inmyo Sange Koko, 3 volumes
Inmyo Sange Kogi, 5 volumes
Inmyo Nissho Riron Ryogisho (量議鈔), 12 volumes
and others.

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