Kakue (覚恵)

A priest of the Shingon Sect
A priest of the Jodo Shinshu (the True Pure Land Sect of Buddhism)

Kakue (Shingon Sect)

Kakue (date of birth and death unknown) was a prince of the Imperial family and a priest of the Shingon Sect at the end of the Heian period. He was the second prince of the Emperor Sutoku and his mother was a daughter of MINAMOTO no Morotsune (Murakami-Genji (Minamoto clan)), Provisional Governor of Mikawa Province. He was a half-brother of the Imperial Prince Shigehito. He was called miya (imperial) -hoin (the highest rank among Buddhist priests).

When he became a priest is not clear, and his homyo (a name given to a person who enters the Buddhist priesthood) was Gansho at first, and changed to Kakue later. He lived in Kezo-in of the Ninna-ji Temple and was assigned to Hoin (the highest rank in the hierarchy of Buddhist priests).

Kakue (Jodo Shinshu)

Kakue (1239 - May 22, 1307) was a priest of the Jodo Shinshu in the Kamakura period. His parents were Kakushinni, a youngest daughter of Shinran, and her husband Hirotsuna HINO.

He learned the teaching of the Tendai Sect at the Shoren-in Temple in Kyoto in his childhood, and deeply studied the teaching of Shinran under Nyoshin. In 1283 he succeeded Rusushiki (custodian or caretaker) of the Otani-byodo Mausoleum (Shinran's Mausoleum at Otani) from his mother Kakushinni.
(The second Rusushiki of the Otani-byodo Mausoleum)

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