Kakujo (a priest) (覚助 (僧))

Kakujo (1013 - December 9, 1063) was a Buddhist priest of the Tendai sect who lived in the mid-Heian period. His father was FUJIWARA no Michimasa, the Sakyo no daibu (master of the eastern capital offices).

Kakujo studied Esoteric Buddhism at Onjo-ji Temple (Mii-dera Temple) under Gyoen and Shinyo while he dwelled at Kao-in Temple. It is said that he prayed for a cure of the illness of the wife of MINAMOTO no Tsunenaga, the chief councilor of state, and obtained a miracle. Additionally, it is said that he let a cold mineral spring outwell at the Kao-in Temple, and people called it "Hosenbo." In 1062, in his last years, he was appointed as the betto (chief monk of the temple) of Shitenno-ji Temple.

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