Kakujo (a sculptor of Buddhist statues) (覚助 (仏師))

Kakujo (birth year unknown to 1077) was a sculptor of Buddhist statues in the middle of the Heian period. He is said to have been a child or a disciple of Jocho. He was the founder of Shichijo bussho (a Buddhist sculpture workshop at Shichijo).

His first work was the construction of Buddhist statues at Hojo-ji Temple's Amitabha Hall and Godai-do Hall in 1059. In 1067, he was awarded Hokkyo (the third highest rank for Buddhist priests) for the construction of Buddhist statues at Kondo hall of Kofuku-ji Temple and other temples, and in 1068 he was awarded Hogen (the second highest rank for Buddhist priests). In 1077 he passed away while constructing Hosho-ji Temple, which was completed by his disciple, Injo.

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