Kakunin (覚仁)

Kakunin (dates of birth and death unknown), was a priest at Todai-ji Temple in the latter part of the Heian period. His father was Keiji, an igishi (master of deportment) of Todai-ji Temple.

He became an igishi prior to 1132, and between then and his retirement in 1165 he expanded the grounds of Todai-ji Temple and reinvigorated Todai-ji Temple.
Regarding the Kuroda-no-sho estates in Iga Province and Koden-sho in Yamato Province, there were disputes with agents and priests in the Saikon-do Hall (An image hall situated to the west of a pagoda in temple grounds) however with the political strength of the priest administrators and his eloquent speech he won the upper hand and his opponents called him the 'wayward priest of the southern capital.'
He himself donated fields of Kiyosumi-no-sho in Yamato Province to Todai-ji Temple, and after a fire at To-ji Temple in 1127, he repaired the 'Juniten Images' ('Image of Twelve Divas') and the 'Godaison Images' ('Five Buddhist Deities').

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