Kangaku (勧学)

Kangaku (Kangaku ranking) means the title to be given to Buddhist monks who are in a commanding position with a high level of education and learning in religious schools of Japanese Buddhism after the end of modern times.

In the Jodo and Tendai sect, Gakkai (the rank given depending on the education levels) is set for Buddhist monks in addition to Sokai (the rank of priest) and the title, Kangaku is set as the highest rank in education and learning. In the Tendai sect, Syusshi Kangaku as a consultant in education and learning was appointed among Gakkai of Kangaku.

In Jodo Shinshu Hongan-ji school, Kangaku has the fixed number of Buddhist monks. Kangaku has Kangaku-ryo which is a consultative body of the chief priest to answer to the problems in education and learning. Its representative is called Kangaku-ryoto which is chosen by the members of Kangaku-ryo.

It is also established in Jodo (Pure Land) sect Nishiyama school, Shinshu sect Kosho school and Shinshu sect Senjuji school.

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