Kangangiin (寒巌義尹)

Kangangiin (1217 - October 12, 1300), a Buddhist priest of the Soto sect, lived in the mid-Kamakura period. It is said that his father was either Emperor Gotoba or Emperor Juntoku.

Initially, Kangangiin learned the Tendai doctrine in the temple on Mt. Hiei and then studied Rinzai Zen under Dainichibo Nonin of the Nihon Daruma sect, after which he practiced Zen meditation under Dogen at Fukakusa, Yamashiro Province, in 1241. In 1253 he went to the Sung Dynasty of China. He returned to Japan after Dogen's death and studied under Ejo, who was a disciple of Dogen and the second generation of the head priest of Eihei-ji Temple. He went to Sung again in 1264. In 1267, he returned to Japan, retired in Higo Province and founded Nyorai-ji Temple. In 1283, he founded Daiji-ji Temple (Kumamoto City).

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