Kanin (寛印)

Kanin (dates of birth and death unknown) was a Tendai sect priest in the middle Heian period. His father was KI no Tadakata. He was from Yona-county of Tango Province. His priest title was Ganren-bo. He was also called Tango-sentoku.

Kanin learned Tendai doctrine under Ryogen and Genshin (priests) at Mt. Hiei and was famous for his academic accomplishment. He often attended Buddhist meetings held in the Imperial court or by aristocracy, and served as naigubu (a special monk who holds a position in the Imperial court) from 990 to 995. Although Kanin was at first critical of Genshin's Mukae-ko, he came to believe in it and established the Daimitsu Ryuzenin-ryu school under the teaching of Genshin. He visited many places for an enlightenment campaign, and established Mukae-ko at Amanohashidate in Tango Province. He gave Shari-ko, a lecture on Shari (Buddha's relics), at the request of Kogei and reestablished Daijo-ji Temple.

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