Kian Soen (規庵祖円)

Kian Soen (February 8, 1261 - April 28, 1313) was a priest of the Rinzai sect of the late Kamakura period. He was from Shinano Province. His shigo (posthumous name) was Nanin Kokushi.

He became a priest at Jomyo-ji Temple in Kamakura, and after that, he practiced Zen under Mugaku Sogen at Kencho-ji Temple, Mukan Fumon at Tofuku-ji Temple, and Kakushin SHINCHI at Kokoku-ji Temple. In 1292, he became Nanzen-ji Temple II after Mukan Fumon and succeeded the doctrine of Mugaku Sogen. He constructed and improved many temple buildings of Nanzen-ji Temple and was given the posthumous name Nanin Kokushi by the emperor.

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